Get a free license of novaPDF Lite

We’re offering you a chance to get a free license for novaPDF Lite 11, valued at $30, for helping us spread the word about novaPDF. A simple tweet or Facebook like in return for a valid license.

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novaPDF 10.5: New markup print option & language

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.5. This update introduces a new option to print document markup (via the add-in for Office), adds Italian as a new interface language and contains other minor updates/fixes.

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novaPDF 10.3, with new SMTP and hyperlink detection options

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.3. This update adds a new option for modifying the Display Name when sending emails via SMTP, new hyperlink detection support for phone numbers and various other fixes/updates.

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novaPDF 10.1, with new translation for the interface

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.1. This update adds Korean as a new language for the user interface, includes a refreshed Russian translation and several fixes.

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novaPDF 10, with new user tag concept and Outlook preset

We have released a new version of novaPDF, v10, which contains important features, updates and fixes. This is a new major version with important features and updates thus we highly recommend the upgrade. It introduces a new concept (user tags) and presets for sending emails out via Outlook, as well as other features.

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Support for version 7.x is discontinued

Starting with February 11, 2019, novaPDF version 7.x is no longer supported. If you are still using novaPDF version 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or 7.x we highly recommend an upgrade to the latest version.

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novaPDF 9.5 adds new security option

We have released a new minor version of novaPDF, 9.5, which includes a new option to allow enabling/disabling the possibility of changing the user/owner password from several windows.

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novaPDF 9.2 available, with new languages & options

We have released a new minor version of novaPDF, 9.2, which contains important features, updates and fixes. The interface is now available in multiple new languages, there are new advanced filtering options, macros were extended to other file naming fields and other important updates.

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novaPDF published on PC Format

novaPDF v.9 was recently published in PC Format (Polish version), in issue no. 3/2018. PC Format is one of the most popular computer-related magazines in Poland, and a brand that was launched 27+ years ago worldwide. You can see a snipped of the feature below: If you live in Poland we highly recommend getting PC Format issue 3/2018, not only […]

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novaPDF 8.9, with new interface translations

novaPDF 8.9 is now available. The latest version adds several new translations for the interface (Ukrainian language, Burmese, Thai and Russian) and other updates.

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