TSplus: Remote Desktop solutions

TSplus is a company that develops solutions for Remote Desktop, Application Delivery, Cybersecurity and Server Health. Below is an overview of their suite of products:

TSplus Remote Support offers an alternative to TeamViewer for Remote Desktop control and Screen Sharing. It enables instant Attended or Unattended Remote Assistance to teams or clients, regardless of location or time:

TSplus Remote Access is an alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS. It provides remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. Utilize it to web-enable legacy applications, develop SaaS solutions, or remotely access centralized corporate tools and files:

TSplus Advanced Security fortifies corporate servers and remote work infrastructure through a robust set of security features integrated into a comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit:

TSplus Server Monitoring is a real-time server and website monitoring software designed for remote work infrastructures:

All tools are free to try during the first 15 days.

About TSplus

Established in 2007 in France, TSplus is a software development company with branch offices in the USA, India, and the Czech Republic. Offering a comprehensive suite of software products, TSplus serves thousands of companies globally, catering to the diverse needs of both small and large businesses.

Their products can be purchased online here: https://tsplus.evyy.net/softland