novaPDF 10.7, with new languages and email option

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.7. This update introduces new and updated languages for the user interface (Finnish, Portuguese, Nepali), adds a new emailing option plus other important fixes. You can download it here: Download novaPDF.

What’s new in novaPDF 10.7:

  • Added: Finnish language
  • Added: Portuguese language
  • Added: Nepali language
  • Added: Option to add the default signature in the Outlook email body as text/html
  • Updated: Polish language
  • Fixed: Printer Monitor memory leak
  • Fixed: COM delete watermark error
  • Fixed: Some black boxes in images
  • Fixed: Fonts embedding
  • Fixed: Windows version on About
  • Fixed: Activation error
  • Fixed: Help button crash

You can download it from our site: novaPDF 10.7

Notice to previous versions users (novaPDF 1.x – 9.x): novaPDF 10.7 will be installed separately and allows you to test it before deciding to buy the upgrade.

To upgrade from previous versions visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.