novaPDF 10.3, with new SMTP and hyperlink detection options

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.3. This update adds a new option for modifying the Display Name when sending emails via SMTP, new hyperlink detection support for phone numbers and various other fixes/updates. You can download it here: Download novaPDF.

What’s new in novaPDF 10.3:

  • New: Show and save Order By status for Columns in Printer Monitor. Columns displayed in the Real-time and History tabs of the novaPDF Printer Monitor were sortable. However, there was no visual cue to see the sorting type (i.e. ascending/descending). Starting with 10.3, you will see in the column header the order by status and that will also be saved.
  • New: Display Name setting for SMTP emails. You can now set a Display Name for emails that are sent out after a PDF is created. Until now only the From email address was configurable, but starting with version 10.3 you can also have a display name shown for sent emails. You can also use macros for the Display Name (i.e. Workstation, Username, Domain, …).
  • New: Hyperlink detection support for “tel:”. The new version detects “tel: ” links and converts those to hyperlinks in the resulting PDF. When opening such a PDF on a phone, that hyperlink will open the dial phone app when tapped. We’ve also included as detection criteria text starting with “00” or “+”.

  • Fix: Printing Preferences stopped when broadcasting active profile change
  • Fix: Corrected the PDF/A format when non-latin characters are used

You can download it from our site: novaPDF 10.3

Notice to previous versions users (novaPDF 1.x – 9.x): novaPDF 10.3 will be installed separately and allows you to test it before deciding to buy the upgrade.

To upgrade from previous versions visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.