novaPDF 11.9, with new permission option

novaPDF v11.9 is now available. Version 11.9 adds a new option to disable duplex printing plus various fixes to the conversion process.

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novaPDF 11.8.417 released, with new macro & discount

novaPDF v11.8.417 is now available. This minor update adds a new macro for Documents plus several improvements.

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novaPDF 11.8, with new Outlook email option

novaPDF v11.8 is now available. Version 11.8 adds a new “Save to Drafts and Open” Outlook email option, as well as new macro for server name, better printing management and more.

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novaPDF 11.7, with new color macro

novaPDF v11.7 is now available. Version 11.7 adds a new macro for Color that returns the printing color options for that document.

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novaPDF 11.6, with new Open PDF option

novaPDF v11.6 is now available. Version 11.6 adds a new action for opening the folder of the original PDF, an updated language and other improvements.

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novaPDF 11.5 with new Outlook email options

novaPDF v11.5 is now available. Version 11.5 adds several new options for sending emails via Outlook and updated activation process.

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novaPDF 11.4 is now available, with new duplex print option

novaPDF v11.4 is now available. This version includes several important updates thus we highly recommend the upgrade. Version 11.4 adds a new duplex print option, a new type of licensing, new license management feature and more.

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novaPDF 11.2 released, with new digital signature timestamp option

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 11.2. This update introduces a new digital signature timestamp option when signing PDF files, predefined timestamp servers, updates for TLS and some other fixes. You can download it here: Download novaPDF. What’s new in novaPDF 11.2: Certified digital signature timestamps (PRO). Digital timestamps can include in a […]

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novaPDF 10.9, with new email options and languages

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.9. This update introduces new options when emailing PDFs via Outlook, new languages for the user interface and other important fixes.

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novaPDF 10.6, with new language and conversion fixes

We have released a new minor update, novaPDF 10.6. This update introduces new and updated languages for the user interface, conversion fixes when using the addon and other fixes.

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