novaPDF 6.2 released, with new security options

novaPDF v 6.2 was released today, one major improvement being the fact that it adds Security options and optimizes the PDF merging process. You can download the new version here: Download novaPDF.

Here’s a list of what’s new and improved in this version:

  • Added “Stay on Top” option for the “Extended Save” and “Select profile” dialog windows
  • Added “Security” options in the “Change Options” window (shown when using Extended Save)
  • Corrected behavior when printing specific images from Google Chrome (32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel)
  • When printing from Crystal Reports the name of the PDF will not include “Crystal Reports – ” anymore
  • Optimized the PDF merging process (append/insert) for multiple print jobs
  • Network sources are now accepted when selecting PDF files to overlay with
  • Added ASP.NET and Java samples for novaPDF SDK

We highly recommend the update, and you can download it from our site: Download novaPDF

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of novaPDF 6.x. However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of novaPDF.

Notice to previous versions users: novaPDF 6 will be installed separately and allows you to test it before deciding to buy the upgrade. To upgrade from previous versions visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.