Official blog for novaPDF is now live

Today we are launching an official blog for novaPDF, this is the next step in our to-do list to increase transparency and offer our clients a better understanding on what we’re working on. We will post news and other announcements (especially details about new versions), articles/tips/video tutorials on how to get the best out of novaPDF as well as industry-related news.

We often answer to questions sent via email and feel that others could benefit from those answers too, so once in a while we’ll post those as Tips & Tricks. If you have a particular subject in mind that you’d like to see us writing about feel free to drop us an email and we’ll consider it for a future post.

Nevertheless, this blog represents an opportunity for us to share our experiences with PDF in particular and software in general, the kind that you gather after being in this field since 1999.

Between the forum, social network presence, newsletter and this blog, you have a lot of choices to start following us and receive a notification everytime we have something new to say… well, write. So to help you, these are some options you can choose from to stay updated (and trust us that we don’t mind if you pick all of them, as we love to be stalked professionally):

If that’s not enough and you want to see us be even more active, just leave a comment and tell us what other social network we should be a part of (Farmville neighbor requests don’t count).