novaPDF 8.2 released, with interface improvements

A new major version was released, novaPDF 8.2. The main feature is the addition of quick access to document information, passwords and emails from the standard save dialog. This means you will be able to modify these settings for a print job directly from the standard save dialog instead of defining a new profile. This release includes other updates and fixes as well, you can download the latest version here: Download novaPDF 8.2.

Here’s an overview on what was added in the recent version:

  • New: Standard save dialog now has options to set document information
  • New: Added option to set password for opening PDF from the standard save dialog
  • New: Email recipients can be modified from the save dialog
  • Update: Changed save and select profile dialogs to show computer names
  • Update: Show computer code on About when licensed
  • Update: Default public profile is now visible in GUI
  • Fix: 1bit images are now correctly converted
  • Fix: Send email on x64 computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Corrected send PDF to multiple email addresses
  • Fix: Distributing and using forms on client computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Use of macros in folder names was not working correctly

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of novaPDF 8.x.

However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of novaPDF (1.x – 7.x). If you own a previous version and want to test novaPDF 8.2, you can install a 30 day free trial here: Download novaPDF 8.2.

When you’re ready to make the switch purchase an upgrade. Prices for upgrades vary depending on what license you currently own, but you can quickly check the pricing by entering your key here: Upgrade novaPDF