novaPDF 11.3 is fully compatible with Windows 11

novaPDF v11.3 is now available. This version was tested and is fully compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11. It also includes several other important updates thus we highly recommend the upgrade. Aside full Windows 11 compatibility, the new version adds a new option to rotate landscape pages automatically, macro placeholders for passwords/computers, option to attach other files to emails using wildcards and more. You can download the new version here: Download novaPDF.

What’s new in novaPDF 11.3:

Full compatibility with Windows 11. novaPDF 11.3 was tested and improved to ensure full compatibility with Windows 11. This means that if you’ve upgraded to Microsoft’s latest operating system, you can safely install novaPDF and start converting your files.

Option to rotate landscape pages automatically. In this new version you now have the option to rotate landscape pages automatically to portrait orientation. This way you’ll be able to set page rotation without changing the original document. The option is available in the Advanced preset for the printing profile you want to use.

Macro placeholders for passwords and computer. We’ve extended the use of macros to apply now for security passwords (including macros for user tags) as well. Where a password can be set, you’ll see now options to include Macro values for generating the password automatically. We’ve also added options to preview the password and evaluate the macros to see how the password will look like. There is also a new macro placeholder added that evaluates to the computer where the print job is started from.

Wildcards for attaching other matching files to emails. We’ve received requests from users to add the possibility to use wildcards for other files that are attached to emails and starting with version 11.3 this is now possible. Say for example you want to attach to an email being sent out all the files in a folder. You can use the *.* wildcard and that will attach to your email all files from that folder. Here are other examples of wildcard uses to include automatically multiple files: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Printing\Tickets\[K:MYTAG1]\*.* C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Printing\Tickets\[K:MYTAG1]\ticket020*.pdf C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Printing\Tickets\[K:MYTAG1]\ticket???.pdf

We highly recommend the update, and you can download it from our site: novaPDF 11.3

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of novaPDF 11.x. However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of novaPDF (1.x – 10.x).

Furthermore, only novaPDF 11.x has been tested and is fully compatible with Windows 11. We cannot guarantee that older versions (i.e. 10.x or older) are still compatible with Windows 11, and those aren’t actively developed anymore.

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version to be sure your backups will continue to run even after you migrate to Windows 11.

Notice to previous versions users (novaPDF 10.x or older): novaPDF 11.3 will be installed separately and allows you to import the backup jobs from the previous version (once imported, they cannot be used in the previous version). To upgrade visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.

Of course, as always we encourage feedback so if you want to share with us your opinion regarding this new release feel free to add your comment.